7 Innovative Businesses Supporting the Fast-Growing Cannabis Industry

The U.S. cannabis industry continues to expand and evolve, with the industry’s global market value expected to hit $66.3 billion by the year 2025. The sector’s growing R&D efforts have lent greater legitimacy to cannabis use, beneficial for a spectrum of conditions, from epilepsy to glaucoma. Recreational use is becoming increasingly normalized with 33 U.S. states having legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Central to the industry’s success is a whole host of cannabis businesses that support the unique cultivation, processing, packaging and marketing needs of the industry.

Through our exhaustive research processes, MNI has compiled profiles of more than 10,000 U.S. companies in the cannabis industry. Some are new cannabis-specific startups, while others have been around for decades, now expanding their offerings to help support cannabis business operations. This article will take a look at some stand-out companies that support everything from cultivation and processing to analytics and software.


Peat Inc., located in Elk River, Minnesota is a major peat supplier in the Midwest, drawing from 6,000 year-old Minnesota peatlands and has mostly served the golf and sports turf industries. In fact, Peat Inc. is the largest golf-course supplier in the Midwest. Peat, Inc. also supplies the horticultural world, servicing landscapers, nurseries and greenhouses. Peat, Inc has launched its foray into the cannabis industry, offering material that help germinate seeds faster and producing larger yields for crops. https://www.peatinc.com/products-and-services/horticulture/

iGROW Indictio Lighting, located in Beachwood, Ohio, is an agricultural lighting company, specializing in energy-efficient lighting systems. The company has supplied lighting systems for USDA, University and commercial agricultural industries for the past eleven years, and now supplies cannabis businesses with specialized grow lights for their operations. https://igrowlights.com/

Processing Equipment

Twister makes the world’s most advanced trimming machines for the cannabis industry using Siemens technology. The company’s T-Zero machine trims wet and dry plants at a breakneck speed (56,000 cuts minute or 600+ pounds per hour) The Siemens technology integration allows for full PLC automation and advanced customization. Companies like PharmHouse, Zenabis, and Organigram are just a few of the major cannabis companies that use Twister. https://www.twistertrimmer.com/t-zero/

Twister’s T-Zero Machine


Collective Supply is a Costa Mesa, CA- based supplier of cannabis packaging providing growers and processers with custom packaging solutions for all types of cannabis products, “big or small”. Collective Supply’s packaging products meet required cannabis packaging ASTM and CPSC regulations. https://collectivesupply.com/


Production Grower, located in Olympia, Washington, is a relatively new company, providing expert advice on the intricacies of growing cannabis. Production Grower’s mission is to support and advance the cannabis industry, providing in-depth information on growing high-quality, high-yield cannabis crops, equipment reviews, and cannabis product reviews. In addition to the free information available on their website, they are also available for individual consultancy. https://productiongrower.com/

For those focused on medical cannabis, Cannalytic Insights, LLC is an independent research and consulting company, providing vital information on how to launch medical cannabis products. Cannalytic Insights pools the talent of multiple consultants experienced in establishing major pharmaceutical brands to help medical cannabis start-ups launch their products. https://cannalyticinsights.com/

Software & Security:

Located in Burr Ridge, IL, Medlin, Inc. started out in 1986 installing phones and paging systems for technology companies and his since grown to become a major commercial systems integrator, providing comprehensive IT coverage for warehouse, industrial – and now, cannabis companies. Medline offers IT and security services to dispensaries and grow facilities, providing solutions for specific cannabis business issues and challenges such as product theft, video surveillance and seed-to-sale tracking. https://medlininc.com/

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