MNI to Host Free Webinar on Discovering New Leads in the Cannabis Industry

Kati McDermith, Brand Ambassador for MNI, will be hosting a free educational webinar, Tuesday, June 29th, at 1:00PM CST. In this 45-minute presentation, Kati will be providing an overview of the North American Cannabis Industry Database, the ultimate business database profiling 11,000+ companies and more than 13,000 decision makers in the North American cannabis industry. The database is available as an IndustrySelect subscription from MNI, the industrial information source since 1912.

Click here to try a free demo of IndustrySelect

The U.S. cannabis industry continues to expand and evolve, with the industry’s global market value expected to hit $66.3 billion by the year 2025. Powered by MNI data, IndustrySelect is the ultimate tool for discovering new opportunities in this rapidly growing market.  

This will be Kati’s first webinar for the North American Cannabis Industry Business Database and will demonstrate how sales and marketing professionals can leverage powerful MNI data to build a pipeline of industrial leads in the lucrative cannabis industry. Topics covered include:

• How to build a list of pre-qualified leads by geography, industry, and size
• How to export, save, and share lists
• The basics of researching company profiles
•Tips for targeting ideal companies

Kati has decades of experience in lead generation across many different verticals, from party supplies to mail order prescriptions to fasteners. She began using IndustrySelect in 2011 when she was generating leads for an industrial supply company and was so impressed with the quality of the data and ease of use that she decided to work for MNI and show others how to use it.

Kati has been MNI’s Brand Ambassador since January and prior to that served as MNI’s Sales Training Coordinator. Her popular weekly IndustrySelect webinars illuminate the many functions of IndustrySelect for better prospecting, sales, marketing, and business development.

“It is my passion and my goal to support Lead Generators in achieving their goals in what can all too often be a brutal and thankless job,” says Kati.

Click here to register for the webinar or to grab a spot on Kati’s calendar and set up a free phone consultation, follow this link.

To learn more about purchasing the North American Cannabis Industry Business Database, visit MNI.  

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